Which golf courses to choose in Dublin in terms of betting?

The field parameter is one of the most important factors that affect the course of the game in general, as well as, ultimately, the outcome of the bets. The surface, the number of holes, the weather conditions on the field all have a very big effect on the competition. Therefore, today we have compiled for you the top 3 game areas near Dublin.

The Golf Course at Luttrellstown Castle

This field is located in the closest area to Dublin Airport in a parkland. This area is considered to be one of the best in the world for hosting world golf championships. This course houses 18 holes that have been planned down to the smallest detail. It is also worth noting that this field is located in the Luttrellstown Castle Hotel, where you can stop and just relax, or book a room in advance when tournaments and championships are planned to be held in this area. Why is this area good for gambling fans? It is worth remembering even because competitions are often held there, and it is located in a very calm area, so the weather conditions here will not affect the outcome of the game and your bets. At the same time, being here, you can place bets in real time. Live betting has its own charm.

Portmarnock Golf Club Course

This club is home to one of the most famous game fields in Ireland, ranked in the top 50 game areas. It is located north of Dublin and has 27 holes for various types of golf. A huge number of tournaments and championships have also been very often held on this field since the 20th century. This site has seen a lot of grandiose victories and defeats of athletes from different countries and continents. Moreover, this territory is of particular interest to those who like to bet on golf, as it very often hosts competitions.

Golf course at the Island Club

It is this club that boasts of having one of the most exciting areas in all of Ireland. This field has a very rich history: both amateurs and the most prominent players in the world played on it. Today, amateur championships are most often accepted here, so those who are interested in gambling on the amateur component of such a sport as golf, this location is an excellent option.

There are plenty to choose from

All of the presented options offer you not only the enjoyment of golf, not only beautiful landscapes and comfortable rooms, but also provide players with an excellent opportunity to watch the game in real time, feel like a part of this game and immediately bet on such an event with mandatory winnings.